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Since about a year Reinier owns a Gibson L7C 1954. A beauty! Since a month with nice pick up Stimer, a rather unknown model. Now waiting for a DeArmond reissue 1100 rhythm chief, wíth pole pieces. I’ll keep you posted.

I swapped this guitar for my Gibson ES175, which I miss of course. But I am happy someone else is happy with it. I go for this one.















Reinier plays a Jacques Favino guitar from 1975, No. 441. The guitar is often amplified with a magnetic DeArmond pickup (Guitar Mike from about 1953) especially when Reinier is soloist. The sound is in a way like a electric jazz guitar. Reinier has a Fender Princeton Reverb full tubes amplifier. Compare the sound of the post war Django when was playing with clarinet and drums. Django amplified his Selmer with a Stimer pickup (I know one picture of Django’s Selmer with a DeArmond pickup!). When I amplify the guitar ‘acoustically’ I use a Audio Technica microphone. To achieve enough volume is more difficult now. You really need a good PA system. The combination with a Bigtone (piezo) pickup in the bridge works rather well. But mostly Reinier has to choose the DeArmond pickup, which he likes, by the way! And don’t forget the comfort to achieve some more volume so easily!

The Favino with the DeArmond “guitar mike”:

Another lovely guitar that Reinier owns is a blond Gibson ES175D, 1956. He uses this less often than his Favino, partly because of the style that is played, but also the acoustic sound and the ‘acoustic way of playing’ are reasons to use his Favino more often. But the Gibson is absolutely to fall in love with!


My first Django guitar, DiMauro, model Jazz 2. I bought it in Paris age seventeen. It was build by Joseph Di Mauro in 1979. I love to play it, although I prefer my Favino for concerts. A couple of years ago luthier Ger Boonstra had a look at it and changed some things (a.o. the bridge) and also ‘polytoured’ the top. The sound became much better: richer and more sustain. So thank you, Ger!

And her my new bought Gibson ES150 from 1951. Sent to me straight from Kansas City, USA, a few months ago. Been refretted and repaired beautyfully by luthier Thijs van der Harst (Moustacheguitars) Breda, Holland. Very happy with it!

Picture by Michiel Voet (

Picture by Michiel Voet (